Welcome to Hotel Shivananda


Hospet in Karnataka is a tourist hub located on the banks of the river Tungabhadra, and is home to Hotel Shivananda. The hotel was set up as an ode to the rich historical and cultural heritage of Hospet and to offer an unforgettable and pleasant staying experience to all its customers. Contemporary yet Traditional – succinctly defines the ambience and the services at Hotel Shivananda.

‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ is the underlying philosophy the hotel religiously adheres to as can be evinced in the conduction of business, interactions with the customers, the customer-centric services rendered and the friendly ambience. The same percolates down to meticulous maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness to offer an exceptional and superior stay.

Hotel Shivananda has prudently evolved over the years to keep in step with the changing times and sensibilities of the discerning, tech savvy generation. A sincere effort has been made by the management to add a new dimension to Hospitality by redefining and fully justifying it in both word and principle. The hotel is equipped with modern amenities and internet connectivity that caters to the generation on the go. The hospitality staff is specially trained to be friendly and helpful.

The hotel is strategically located within a walking distance of the Bus Stand and the Railway Station and is at the nerve centre of the city. This when amalgamated with the facilities, services and comfort-level inherently makes Hotel Shivananda the ideal and the most preferred choice for high-end stay in the most happening city of Hospet!!

The Founder’s Message

Hospitality rises above food and shelter to encompass a perceived sensitivity in understanding and meeting the needs of a weary traveller.

“To connect with the customers and provide them a unique hospitality experience whilst fulfilling their need for a comfortable stay.

Why Choose Us ?

Your Perfect Accommodation

A perfect accommodation for a perfect holiday to make the experience worthwhile and memorable.

  • Free Wi-fi Connection 24/7
  • Local Tour Guide
  • Tour Planning and Arrangements
  • 24/7 Check-In and Check-Out
  • Car Parking & Security

Offering Best Experience

A never before hotel staying experience that is convenient and budget friendly with all the modern amenities and comforts.

Luxury Rooms

Well ventilated spacious rooms that ensure privacy, comforts and Wi-Fi connectivity for a unique home away from home experience.

Friendly & Professional Staff

Friendly and professional staff make sure the stay is problem and stress free.